High vibes MP3 Return to Spiritual Order


Raise your vibration with an MP3 to return to spiritual order, helping you feel lighter and less affected by what’s going on around you.


High vibes MP3 Return to spiritual order


Raise your vibration by playing this 60-minute high vibes MP3 to return to spiritual order, with frequencies that are designed to align you to a more harmonious state.


With the sounds of nature in the background

Play these soundbites to choose your favourite:

This particular recording at 852 Hz seeks to return to spiritual order. It helps you feel lighter and less affected by what’s going on around you, with the sounds of nature to soothe in the background, of either:

  • the forest
  • the ocean
  • gentle rain
  • or a stream.

When you purchase, you will receive a link to download the MP3. It is recommended to play the MP3s with headphones, so the frequencies are absorbed most effectively.


What’s the benefit?

Our recordings contain a range of frequencies that interrupt the existing disharmonious patterning that we emit, replacing it with a harmonious resonance.

Sound healing is said to be one of the most effective and rapid ways to change our vibration. There are a number of reasons for this.

One of which is because water is a such a good conductor of sound – and we contain a LOT of water.

The other is because sound healing techniques rely upon the premise of tuning forks. When you play a certain frequency next to an object with good conductive properties, it very quickly picks up and starts to resonate at the same vibration.

Therefore, playing these MP3s brings your body into a harmonious state because it’s now vibrating at an elevated frequency compared with the vibration you’re currently at.


What our clients think

“These high vibe MP3’s saw me through lockdown and beyond. I highly recommend them from the lovely Shelley at Divine Balance.” Amanda


Want a more tailored solution?

We create custom MP3s with frequencies designed specifically for our clients’ individual needs. The frequencies selected may be to support a client with a particular health ailment, or perhaps support them with relief of feelings of anxiety or depression. Click here to find out more.

Nature sounds

Forest, Ocean, Rain, Stream


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