We thoroughly enjoy meeting new clients and welcoming back regular clients at festivals and events across Sydney.

Check here regularly for dates and locations of where you can grab your own piece of Divine Balance®.

Find Divine Balance® at the markets

Sunday 30 September 2018: Blak Markets, Bare Island La Perouse

Friday 5 October 2018: The Beaches Market, Warriewood

Friday 12 October 2018: The Beaches Market, Warriewood

Friday 26 October 2018: The Beaches Market, Warriewood

Friday 9 November 2018: The Beaches Market, Warriewood

Saturday 1 December 2018: Narrabeen Lakes Summerfest, Narrabeen

Friday 7 December 2018: The Beaches Market, Warriewood

Friday 21 December 2018: The Beaches Market, Warriewood

Faye’s reflections


“While doing my regular Friday shop at the markets in Warriewood, I was captivated by a purple stall and for some unknown reason I could not walk away and I had to experience what Divine Balance were offering…

I am a busy mum of two, age 43 and even though I started my journey of healthy living and clean diet, yin yoga etc over a year ago, there was still something unbalanced in my life. Being a skeptic and not expecting too much, I put my name down to try a 30 minute session.

Shelley greeted me with her beautiful kind green eyes, and introduced me to her partner Jason who has a wonderful wise, powerful aura about him. They ran through my health issues, aches pains etc, and talked me through what the session was about.

Twenty minutes into the session I was feeling relaxed but nothing much was happening, then all of a sudden I felt this amazing surge of energy start in both hands, move up my arms then down into my legs and feet. It continued vibrating through my body and it was a weird but nice feeling. It was like they were removing layers of dross that I had been unknowingly carrying for years, which had been impacting my health.
I cried and heavily breathed out the old, and afterwards I felt like a new person. My aches and pains had gone too which was amazing! My head was clear and I felt really cleansed.

All I can say is Shelley and Jason are a very special couple with a gift to help people. They both compliment each other with their talent when they work as a team.

I am glad I stumbled across them that day as it changed my life and I intend to keep them as a go-to when life gets on top of me.”

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Client Experiences

Shelley’s work impressed me on multiple levels, she has a very professional, warm and welcoming nature. I feel ‘recharged and clear’ to accomplish everything I need to and will see Shelley in the future.

- Erika

I find the experience soothing, caring and beneficial. I always sleep better and have more energy to do the things I need to during the day. Highly recommended for people with a busy lifestyle.

- Nolene