Lilly Pilly Labyrinth meditation


A meditation to help you relax, feel more grounded and settled, and cleanse your energy field.



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Lilly Pilly Labyrinth meditation

A cleansing and grounding meditation with the sounds of the forest


Recorded by Mantrini (Shelley McConaghy), this 20-minute MP3 audio file is layered with the:

  • Frequency of 68.05 Hertz to build the strength of your Earth Star Chakra which is below your feet
  • Refreshing and uplifting sounds of the forest to relax and centre you.

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How to use

Use this when you wish to energetically exfoliate after a big day, or every night before bed. Your inner child will love the time in nature, with the sounds of the birds, and the breeze high above you in the trees.


How do I get my album?

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