Duo-Practitioner Healings

Healings with two practitioners

Spiritual alignment sessions in-person or online with Jason and Shelley are an intuitive combination of techniques designed to restore optimum energy flow and encourage alignment between your body, your consciousness, and your higher self.
Shelley and Jason working together is a powerful catalyst for your healing journey.


Group Healings

Kurradji Dreaming

A Kurradji is an Indigenous Medicine Man, and Dreaming refers to the experiences we have when communing with our soul and the creator. It’s a meditation session for groups, featuring crystals and sound medicine to lift and shift what’s not for your highest good. Kurradji Dreaming is an opportunity for deep connection with our spirit, our star ancestors, and our planet.


About Divine Balance

About us

Based on the east coast of Australia, Jason and Shelley offer healing sessions known as spiritual alignments for individuals and groups, provide readings via photographs, and run regular meditations. They also make crystal healing wands, have crystals for sale, and oils for on-the-go, blessed with the healing energy of a Kurradji and high-dimensional healer.



Messages from Spirit

Jason has the seer’s eye, and can see into photographs, the landscape, and people’s energy field. All kinds of symbols, messages, Ancestors, animals, and beings appear. Find out more, and book an additional healing at these links:

Quench your thirst for more out of life. Whether you have been spiritually seeking for years, or have just awoken to a whole other side of life, there are learning opportunities to enhance the way you manage and maintain your energy in daily life.

Sadly our face-to-face events are ON HOLD for obvious reasons.

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Reward Yourself!

Until 25 December 2021, when you spend $125 or more, you receive a ticket to the next Kurradji Dreaming online. For every $125 you spend, you receive another ticket. Keep it, or gift it on to the person you’re buying for.

Check out our range of Kurradji Medicine wands hand-made by Jason Engelbrecht from a variety of crystals. There are many more listed under the Shop tab, plus other crystals, essential oils to support and uplift, MP3s to raise your vibration, Mala beads, meditations, gift vouchers, and much more.


We’re trained in a number of modalities, and use them in combination during our spiritual alignment sessions.

Divine Balance since 2003

Helping people find
balance and peace in
their lives

Established by Shelley McConaghy in 2003, Divine Balance® was created to help people find balance and peace in their lives. For the first 13 years Shelley provided her clients with energy balancing sessions incorporating crystal healing, polarity energy balancing, Usui Reiki, and sound healing techniques.

In 2016 she began providing duo-practitioner sessions with her partner Jason Engelbrecht known as a Kurradji. Jason brings his gifts of crystal healing, sound medicine, and the ability to conduit large numbers of medicine people and other beings in the spiritual hierarchy who so passionately want to help us live in harmony.

Shelley and Jason working together is a powerful and magical combination of the energies of a Medicine Man and Woman.

They empowering their clients with the understanding that everyone has their own innate healing abilities.

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    Client Experiences

    What incredible gifts Jason and Shelley share with the world. By far the most powerful healing session I have ever had, yet so gentle and nurturing. I feel truly blessed to have met both Jason and Shelley and hope to continue to share future sessions with them. Highly recommended.

    – Mish

    I had a session with Shelley and Jason on the weekend and it was the most powerful healing session I think I have ever had. Highly recommend these beautiful souls and so looking forward to my next session! I am telling everyone I know to go see them.

    – Sherree