High vibes Custom MP3


Raise your vibration with an MP3 designed especially for you

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High vibes custom MP3


In response to the increased stress, anxiety, and depression caused by all the current events, Shelley now creates an MP3 with the right set of frequencies to lift your resting vibration.


Custom-created MP3 of vibration-lifting frequencies

Overlaid with the sounds of nature – either a stream, forest, rain, or the ocean, they are designed to bring harmony and alignment.


Why use these frequencies?

The astral field is full of fear, stress, and anxiety, and it can take all our might to keep it at bay. Listening to high-vibrational music is an amazing way to lift and shift your mood. Taking this one step further is listening to special frequencies that have been overlaid by the sounds of nature to clear the disharmonious patterning from our energy field.

We have put together tracks with the intention that they serve to bring peace to you, and the environment you’re in. You might choose frequencies to target specific ailments, or you might like an MP3 containing Ancient healing tones, or those for chakra balancing.

They work by interrupting the frequency we are emitting in our disharmonious state. Reminding your body what the resonant frequency of balance sounds like, so it can get back in sync in a more aligned, harmonious, and balanced way.


How do I access my MP3?

To save our clients money, we are uploading their MP3 to GoogleDrive for easy downloading. Or, if preferred, we can put on a USB and mail out – at extra cost.


What our clients think

“These high vibe MP3’s saw me through lockdown and beyond. I highly recommend them from the lovely Shelley at Divine Balance.” Amanda


Want a more economical option?

We have prepared a range of MP3 with certain frequencies that can be purchased at a more affordable price:

Click here to lift fear out of your energy field

Click here to support relationships and connections

Click here to return to spiritual order

Click here to do some world service


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