Chakra Frequencies with Stream sounds

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Practice Mantra with the nourishing sounds of a stream, overlaid with specific frequencies to balance the Chakras



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Chakra frequencies with stream sounds

Designed to support your Mantra practice and meditation from Earth Star to Soul Star

Recorded by Mantrini (Shelley McConaghy), this is rich with a beneficial frequency to quickly elevate your vibratory state, layered with the soothing sounds of a stream to centre and connect you.

The nine MP3s help to bring balance and harmony to each of the Chakras, and have a specific resonance (frequency) for each one:

  • 60.05 Hertz: Earth Star Chakra
  • 194.18 Hertz: Root Chakra
  • 210.42 Hertz: Sacral Chakra
  • 126.22 Hertz: Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 136.10 Hertz: Heart Chakra
  • 141.27 Hertz: Throat Chakra
  • 221.23 Hertz: Third Eye Chakra
  • 172.06 Hertz: Crown Chakra
  • 272.20 Hertz: Soul Star Chakra


This album is also available with the ocean waves or forest sounds.

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How to use

This album is perfect for playing while you recite Mantra or meditate.

You could even play it at bedtime to help slide into a deep sleep.


About Mantra

Mantra is a Sanskrit word that refers to the devotional repetition of sounds, words, phrases, and/or prayers. It forms part of spiritual practices for millions of people around the world. There are many reasons people like to recite Mantra. Said to be very calming and centering, Mantra is an ideal addition to busy lives for anyone who wants to bring more presence to their life.

The word Mantra is derived from two Sanskrit words.

  • ‘manas’ or the ‘mind’ provides the syllable man
  • the second syllable ‘trai’ means to ‘protect’ or ‘free from’


Literally the word Mantra means to ‘free from the mind’ or to free us from the vagaries from the mind. Mantra allows us to be freed from the tendency to be ruled by our monkey mind, and going off on unhelpful tangents. With practice, Mantra provides a vehicle for us to achieve greater expansion into the essence of cosmic existence.


How do I get my album?

When you purchase, you will receive a link to download the album as a ZIP file that you can extract and save to your computer.


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