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Become more centred with CBR

Become more centred with CBR

One of the things I get asked most often, is how do I bring myself back to a more centred place when things get crazy?

Let’s face it, there is so much crazy going on in the world right now. It feels like we’ve endured three years of Olympic-level training in dealing with it.

It almost feels like there is something at every turn, that threatens to pull us off centre and lower our vibration. In other words, make us feel worse—either more fearful, sad, angry, disappointed or to simply lose hope in the future.

When we remember to use them, our self-care tools can really help us cope better with the crazy.

If you can become more centred, you will be responding from a more balanced and empowered place.

The birth of CBR

Recently I was asked to do a short presentation at an event. I reflected upon what I am asked the most—what my essential tools are, in times of energetic emergency.

Thinking of emergencies, my head instantly went to CPR – the well-known first aid acronym for cardiopulmonary resuscitation 😃.

And I realised, that my top three energetic first aid tools happen to form the acronym CBR!

They’re quick ways to become more centred, no matter what is going on.

What does CBR stand for?

CBR is a simple way to remember these essential energetic first aid tools:

C: Cord cutting

B: Balance Me head hold

R: Roots

Learn how to become more centred

Let’s explore the elements of CBR further, and how they can help you.

C: Cord cutting

Cord cutting forms an essential part of every healing we facilitate for our clients.

This technique is a daily habit in our household, and I highly recommend it.

There are several ways that people teach to cut or clear energetic cords of attachment. I like to keep things simple, so my technique is easy to remember. As I always say, use your discernment and explore until you find the way that resonates.

Given that I have gone into detail in another blog post I will just give you the highlights here.

The technique

Reach up and behind your head until your hand is hovering about 10cm behind your neck.

Bring that hand up and over the head, sweeping down in front of the body, around 25-30cm away from the body. Continue all the way down until you reach the bottom of the torso, then sweep the hand out and away from the body.

While you’re doing this, you may like say out loud, something like “I cut all cords of energetic attachment with ease and grace, and send them back to the creator for transmutation.”

You can do this with both hands, so that you’re clearing from both sides of the top of the shoulders.

For more details, check out this popular blog post. Below is one of the images demonstrating the practice.

You might well ask “How do I know whether I should be doing this?”

If you get to the end of the day and feel a bit bleugh, or out of nowhere you start feeling down or anxious, chances are you could do with some cord-cutting. This way, you can then see whether what you’re feeling is your stuff, or something you’ve picked up from someone else, or the collective.

It’s a simple way to slough off the energetic debris that may come from for example:

  • Dealing with other people
  • Stressful events
  • Visiting an energetically-questionable place
  • The emotional charge of a rush of memories from an upsetting event.

Once you’ve cleared cords of attachment, check in with yourself again. Are you still feeling out of sorts? If so, it’s time to implement some additional tools.

B: Balance Me head hold

This simple technique is a favourite of mine, and one I have been using for close to 20 years. It forms part of a number of hands-on healing modalities for good reason:

  • Slowing the activity of the mind
  • Balancing both hemispheres of the brain
  • Calming the nervous system
  • Harmonising the adrenal system
  • Regulating your blood pressure and heart rate
  • Slowing your rate of breathing.

I find that the effects of this head hold are so fast, that sometimes I only have to imagine that I’m doing it, and I can feel it working! Such is the power of our intention.

The technique

Start by placing your left hand across your brow. The joint where your little finger meets the hand will be right in the middle of your browline.

Now wrap your right hand around the back of your head. Your thumb sits in the little dip where your skull meets the top of your neck.

Close your eyes if you can, and give yourself a couple of minutes. Feel your pulse and breathing change. Let the relaxation wash over you.

You can share this with friends and family too—either when they are seated or lying down.

For more details, check out this recent blog post. Below is one of the images demonstrating the practice.

Balance me head hold front Divine Balance Australia

R: Roots

This section has a couple of components. Roots refers to the amount of groundedness we feel. That sense of deep connection into Mother Earth’s energy field. Just like tree roots.

These techniques address both physical and etheric aspects of strengthening your sense of centredness:

  • Growing strong tree roots
  • Squatting or sumo pose
  • Aligning to your core.

When someone is feeling ungrounded, they can easily be pulled off-centre. It’s a feeling of being at the whim or mercy of life around you. Quite often when we feel ungrounded, we’re more prone to feelings of anxiety or overwhelm.

This exercise is very balancing and grounding. It’s ideal to do if you are feeling buffeted or anxious.

The technique—tree roots

Be outside if you can, with bare feet. Close your eyes.

Sense the ground beneath you. Feel the energy flowing out of the bottom of your feet into Mother Earth, as an extension of your energy field. This is what we call our roots, just a tree—nestling deep into the soil. To add to the strength of your connection, now sense a third energetic tree root flowing out from the base of your spine into Mother Earth.

You might feel a pulse in your feet and a strengthening of your roots the longer you envisage this connection.

One of the first polarity yoga postures I learned during my polarity therapy studies many years ago, was squatting. It sounds simple, and everyone knows what this looks like, given it’s how we’ve all gone to the toilet at some stage in our life. When we learned to go to the toilet as children, this was very normal and natural. In the western world, squatting as we did when we were small, can become a distant memory.

Yet the squat done in a very present and mindful way is quite powerful.

The technique—squatting

Wear loose-fitting clothing, with your feet a bit wider than hip distance, toes pointing outwards. Crouch down on your haunches as pictured.

At this point, you may not be able to keep your feet entirely flat. Your heels may creep up as you lower your torso down in between your feet. You may wobble around a bit, and your knees may complain.

Persevere (as far as your body will comfortably allow) and you may find over time, that you can get your feet flat in a deep squat.

The aim is to get to the point where, in that deep squat, you can then place your hands together in prayer position, and gently push your knees outwards. This deepens the opening through the hips, but be gentle with yourself. (We’re not all built the same, and some hips and knees are not going to love this. So it’s up to you to know what your body will and will not respond to).

While you’re in this position you’ll feel the energetic connection flowing out of your feet and out of the base of your spine into Mother Earth. Three points of supportive connection that you have with her strong energy field.

I like to hold this position for a couple of minutes.

Bonus: if you’re feeling blocked up, you can bounce up and down a little which will help release stomach gasses and move things along.

This is a practice to develop over time, as your physical capacity allows.

The technique—sumo pose

This is a great alternative if squatting is just not going to work for you. Again, wearing loose fitting clothing, give this one a go.

Place the feet quite wide with toes pointing out and place your hands low on the hips or the top of the thighs.

Sink down at the knees (while keeping the torso upright) as much as you comfortably can. It doesn’t need to be much.

You’re simply doing this to gain a sense of connection from the base of your spine, and out of your feet, down into Mother Earth.

Hold for a couple of minutes, or less if it’s quite challenging.

Over time, you might find you are comfortable bouncing slightly up and down. This is good for building your balance and strengthening those muscles that help us recover if we get the wobbles.

The final technique that I want to mention here, is one that I’ve been using a lot lately. It keeps coming to me during healings, and it’s like I’m looking at a cross-section of my body, from the top down. This sounds really weird as I try to describe it, but it’s similar to looking at a slice of a tree.


What I’ve been seeing, is that sometimes we literally get off-centre. It can sometimes feel like we’re not centred within our body, maybe it feels like we’re all bunched up on the left, or even a little bit out of our body. It’s like something happens within our energy field to decrease feeling a lot of us have, of being aligned around our spine.

The image below represents to me the spiritual process of moving from being off-centre, to a place of core alignment.

This is the perfect technique to use when you’re feeling like you want to come back into your body. To a feeling of being at home there, in a place of deep spiritual alignment.

The technique—align


Close your eyes.

See bright energy flowing up and down your spine. Get a sense of where your core is currently sitting. It might be off to one side, or even slightly outside your physical body.

Feel your roots strong and steady. Use your intention to build the life force of your spine. Sense the cerebrospinal fluid that creates juicy lubrication and allows good energy flow. Continue watching the light dance up and down your spine as you sense all the layers of your being coming into alignment around your strong core.

Building a stronger foundation

With regular use, CBR can become tools of energetic maintenance to build a stronger energetic foundation. Like building on a big shelf of sandstone vs sand.

This means, that when overwhelming situations arise, we’re already in a more centred and balanced place from which to respond.

I have found these techniques very useful. I hope they resonate with you and can help you come to a centred place quickly.

Get the cheat sheet

Want to stick this on the fridge? I’ve created a printable sheet to remind you of the techniques with a bonus checklist to help you incorporate them into your day. Head here for the download:


Repetition is one of the best ways to embed a new habit.

See it often, do it often, and it will become part of daily life.

Work with us

If you want to experience the effects of some of these energetic first aid techniques, head to our Bookings page to choose the right option.

Best wishes for your return to balance, because we’re all here to shine our light into the world!

Shelley McConaghy
Divine Balance

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