Campfire representing balancing our elements

Balancing our elements

Balancing our elements


Have you ever felt like the world around you is reflecting the way you’re feeling? Those moments where you go out feeling cranky or out of sorts, and everything goes wrong?


Someone cuts you off in traffic.


You can’t find a car park ANYWHERE.


You’ve forgotten the ONE THING you needed to bring for the outing.


There are so many reasons for this happening, and it’s a bit chicken and egg — which came first…

  • Your vibration is at a lower-than-optimal level
  • You’re not fully aligned with the task at hand, or the vision you have for what you’re working on and towards.


Your emotional state becomes hectic because you’re reacting to a lot of scenarios all playing out within your being.


The elements

The elements within you may also be out of balance:

  • Too much fire in the form of resentment, anger — under expression
  • Not enough hydration — slow digestion and brain fog
  • Not enough earth connection — feeling unsupported and unconnected
  • Too much overthinking — thereby increasing the element of air

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. To come back into balance, it can be useful to check in with the elements within.


Working with the elements

So how can you work with the elements to help bring yourself back into balance?


  1. Envision yourself as a wholistic being made up of a physical body (the most dense part of you), a mental body, an emotional body, and a raft of spiritual bodies
  2. See all of these like layers around you that get finer and finer as we work our way out
  3. Feel the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and ether permeating, swirling, and working with all your layers
  4. Sense that these elements are part of you, and that they’re their own ‘being’ too
  5. They have intelligence, and a purpose, just like you
  6. So forming a partnership with the elements can be a powerful way to listen to what you need, and respond in real-time rather than waiting until the fire is blazing out of control, and you’ve dried up like a raisin with reduced flow in your being.
  7. Hone your ability to see through the lense of each element. Ask each one what is their purpose. How can they help us?


The fire

Cleanses, purifies, transforms, warms, and creates the regenerative space for new growth. Some plants and trees rely on the fire to stimulate the release of seeds, to clear away the dead wood, and to pave the way for the plant or tree to continue thriving. Without the care of the fire, it cannot reach its full potential.


The water

Also purifies and cleanses, and it holds the space for our emotional body to flow from one state to another naturally. Hindering the good flow within, leads to stagnation and getting stuck in emotional states — which we are not designed to do. Water has a consciousness, as do all the elements, and it has the ability to affect our vibration in a very real way.

Talking to your water, sending it love, placing beautiful images, hearts, or words on your water glass has a profound effect on the water molecules. Drinking this then has the effect of changing our own water molecules. They take on the form of this beautifully structured water. Imagine if we spoke to ourselves, and gave us that kind of love each day. How different would the water within you be?


The air

Helps us to have clarity of thought and makes space for our creativity to enter and gestate. It gives us freedom to move where we need to without energetic impediment. The element of air is said to govern the heart space, which extends all the way out to the tips of the fingers. Hence when we restrict our air flow, it can feel like our ability to embrace life is reduced.


The earth

Earth connection and being aware of this as we move through the day is essential for our energy field. The electromagnetic exchange taking place between us and Mother Earth is beneficial for many reasons, but probably the most important, is being able to earth our own electricity. The same way some power plugs have a third ‘earth’ plug to ensure that if something goes wrong, it travels down that plug, rendering the electricity harmless. Like a lightning rod. Our connection to Mother Earth is essential to our being, and you’ll notice what happens when you place your feet on the earth in a frazzled moment. Your body instantly starts discharging all that ‘charge’ down through your feet, into the earth.

And finally the ether. Ahhhh the ether. A place of blissful nothing, which holds the potential for what we’re bringing into the physical realm, from the spiritual realms. We are all manifestors. It’s why we’re here — we have the ability, with our focused intention and power within, to bring anything into reality. It takes practice, focus, consistency, and discipline. The word disciple comes from the word discipline. Some say that successful people are just lucky, but I beg to differ. They have learned that what they focus on with unwavering dedication, is what will appear in their life.


Reflection is key

So the next time you’re feeling out of balance, talk to the elements and see if they can help you locate where in your life you need to pour some love and attention to bring yourself back to balance.

Because the world around you IS reflecting what’s happening on the inside.


Shelley McConaghy
High-dimensional healer

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