Weeding your beliefs

Weeding our reality

Weeding our reality

The longer we cultivate a harmful belief, the more it can harm us in very real ways. Similar to a thistly plant that—as a young seedling, has lovely soft leaves and is fairly innocuous—when its been growing strong in the sun, it develops spikes to prevent it from being eaten or otherwise harmed. It grows its own defence mechanisms.

Harmful beliefs about ourselves grow and evolve in a similar way. At first they can seem innocent enough and not worth paying attention to. With enough repetition, a neural pathway starts to be formed, like the roots of the thistle plant. This causes the habit of thinking the thought or believing the belief to become more concrete.

Depending on the belief, it can harm our relationships, our capacity to contribute in the world via meaningful work, or being of service. It can reduce our capacity to navigate our way through challenging situations. Low vibrational beliefs can limit our ability to see the good in the world, or in other people.

If the belief has become true for us, then it forms our reality. In our day to day life, that belief will manifest itself in events and scenarios that reflect the truth of that belief. Like a magnet. Annoying as this principle is, imagine using it to your benefit, by starting to dissolve that, and believe something different.

So it’s time to start weeding our reality.

For example, if you had the spikes of the belief ‘my life is empty and unfulfilling’ poking your brain on a loop, try catching it the next time you feel it arise within you.


Weeding your beliefs

Imagine that you can pluck out a spike and affirm to yourself ‘I fill my life with love and enriching experiences’, or similar words that resonate for you.

Start to envision what that looks like.

Create evidence of that in your world.

Perhaps print some nice pictures that represent what it looks like for you. Place them around your space so they catch your eye and remind of your new reality. The reality that you’re creating.

Weeding your beliefs to fulfilment
“I fill my life with love and enriching experiences”

Congratulate yourself each time you catch yourself when the old belief runs itself through your system. You have made another step forward in breaking a habit. It takes time and dedication—be patient with yourself.

I by no means downplay the role of cognitive work around deep-seated beliefs that have arisen due to traumatic events in one’s life. This is specialised work, and working with a trained and trusted practitioner is very useful in these cases. There are many ways to work with troublesome thought patterns and beliefs—what I’ve written about is one aspect of a technique I find helpful.

The work Jason and Engelbrecht do with our clients can be helpful to lift and shift the ‘debris’ that troublesome thoughts and beliefs leave behind in the energy body. We’ve found that the shift can sometimes be enough to help propel our clients forward in making healthy decisions and nurturing themselves. Choosing to weed our beliefs is a commitment to one’s self-development.

If this is something you’d like to explore, please get in touch. At the moment we are seeing our clients via Zoom or on the phone for distance healings, and continuing to offer group experiences in the form of Kurradji Dreaming. In-person appointments will resume when this quiet period of rest from Covid-19 finishes.

Shelley McConaghy (Mantrini)
Divine Balance

* Weeds have my full respect, and I understand their important role in nature as food and medicine for us all. I use the analogy, because ‘weeds’ is a universal term for something that we strive to eradicate. Maybe we need to find a new term heh? The poor weeds have had enough of being disrespected 🙂

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