So you think you're done

So you think you’re done?

Are you sitting at the finish line waiting for humanity to wake up?

This surely is the most challenging time we will all ever live through simultaneously. There are so many reasons this is happening right now, not least of which is to expose the truth of what goes on every day in plain sight, hidden behind a veil of illusion.

Those of us who can see behind the agendas being played out on the 5 o’clock news are getting tired and frustrated. How long will it take? How long do I have to wait for humanity to see what’s actually going on?

If it feels like you’re spinning your wheels waiting for the game of catch up, stop waiting.

Continue your work. It never stops.

Instead of sitting by, twiddling your thumbs, HELP.

You may be tired of posting videos, information, links and all the things about the truth. Fair enough. But that’s not the only part to play.

Use the time to contribute to the vision you hold of what the world looks like after this nonsense agenda has run out of puff.

How are you contributing to it? Are you feeling like a victim with nothing useful to add to the situation?

Everyone is contributing—one way or another. Like creating a meal: choose what you’re putting in.

What are your beliefs about the future? Do they need refining and clearing out like your wallet does from time to time?

If you are throwing around vitriol about those who aren’t on the same page as you, then it’s not uplifting them or yourself. Instead, pray or affirm that they see above the fear-mongering where the air is clearer.

Affirm that the light makes its way into all the shadow places on the earth, to illuminate the darkest corners.

At the same time, shine the light on your own.

Our real work, it never stops.

When we take a look at what we’re dishing out, it reveals a lot about our inner world. It highlights our own shadows, fears, and areas where we need to care for ourselves.

The scared person inside is seeking reassurance, safety, and hope that this is actually going to end one day. That they won’t need to live in a perpetual state of fear.

It doesn’t matter which side of any current debate we sit on. Each side believes it to be true for them.

What does matter is now is how we treat each other, and how compassionate are we being.

Being impatient with ourselves and others is extremely unfair and serves only to switch people off.

We need everyone switched on and uplifted to their highest vibratory potential.

So the next time you’re choosing impatience and shutters-down, walls up to the rest of the world, think how that feels energetically to be on the other side of. Sense how that feels when someone you love does that to you.

Sense how it feels when you shut yourself off from your own sense of self.

Choose compassion today, and send it out into the world.

May your world be balanced, and your heart centred.

Mantrini x

(Shelley McConaghy)
High-dimensional healer

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