Energy balancing on autopilot



$50 per month for a period of six months

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Energy balancing on autopilot


Six offline energy balancing sessions over six consecutive months, provided by Shelley and Jason.

This six-monthly subscription can be continued if you’re finding that you like life better with our support.


What’s the benefit?

Sometimes life gets so hectic that we forget to do the things that we know are good for us. That’s where we come in.

Even though these sessions are offline, they are still an energetic transmission and if you’re sensitive, you will feel it.

We provide our subscribers with a monthly energy balancing that may involve one or more of these techniques depending on what’s required by the individual:

* Clearing and balancing the chakras
* Energetic cord cutting
* Clearing entities
* Clearing unhelpful energetics.

As our clients know, we don’t like to re-energise what’s happened during a session by analysing and talking about it in-depth afterwards. So providing reports afterwards is not something that’s part of this service. However, from time to time we may provide a summary of the kinds of trends that we’re seeing, and what’s happening energetically in the world.


What does offline mean?

The sessions are conducted offline energetically in our healing space—not by Zoom or phone. We connect on the etheric plane as if you’re in the room, and then intuitively work with the amplification of a crystal grid on and under the massage table.

This is different from our distance spiritual alignment sessions that are normally conducted by Zoom or phone, unless our clients request an offline session because they’re busy with life and trust us to just get on with it.

Sessions are done around the middle of each calendar month and each person’s session is their own. We DO NOT group or do batch energy balancing with this subscription service.


What input do I get?

Participants are invited to email each month with their intention, concern, or focus. This is not essential, and the sessions can continue to be conducted without interaction.

We will email you at the beginning of each month to advise the dates we will be conducting that month’s sessions, and remind you to email us by the 7th of the month.


What else do I need to do?

Making sure that you’re looking after your physical, mental, and emotional health is really important before embarking on times of spiritual growth. If the foundations are not strong, the expansion of the energy body can be quite destabilising, and we prefer to work with clients who are aware of this, and are prepared to consciously participate.

We recommend always maintaining excellent hydration with top-quality filtered water, good sleep, good nutrition, supportive exercise, and ways to support yourself emotionally, mentally, and spirituality.

With any energy healing, it’s important to be aware of the things you may experience in the lead-up to, and in the days following a healing. When you book, we will provide you with a link to a self-care guide that outlines all the things to be aware of.

Because we are working in the subtle energy body, it’s important that you are aware that we would still prefer for you not to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the dates we are performing these sessions. That’s why will be confirming the exact dates each month.

Please also be reminded that these sessions are not a substitute for professional mental health support. If you are currently suffering a serious mental health condition, we would prefer that you seek the assistance of a trained mental health professional who can guide you at this sensitive time. We are happy to support you once you have support in place.


How do I book in for my appointments?

Once you pay for your package in our booking system, it will take you directly to the calendar where you should select the next six months’ worth of timeslots.

As these are conducted offline you won’t need to be present for any specific dates.


Cancellation policy

Should you wish to cease your subscription at any stage, we request two weeks’ notice, and will only be able to offer a refund for the portion not yet redeemed during that six-month period.

You are able to cancel your subscription in the system, but if we need to get involved to assist, we will need a minimum of 72 hours before it renews, otherwise we may not be able to cease it in time.


Conditions of attending your appointment

We cannot treat clients who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you are currently suffering a serious mental health condition, we would prefer that you seek the assistance of a trained mental health professional who can guide you at this sensitive time.

Should you feel in need of urgent assistance, please contact one of these support services – these are Australian-based, please seek numbers for the country you’re in:

13YARN 13 92 76 (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander crisis support line)
Lifeline 13 11 14 (ph) or 0477 131 114 (SMS)
Suicide callback service 1300 659 467
Beyond Blue 1300 224 636

Please check out our booking conditions before going ahead.


Who is Jason?

Jason Engelbrecht is referred to by spirit as Kurradji. He is a Spiritual conduit of mixed genealogy. Growing up as an Indigenous man in Australia he was exposed to racism and bullying, and spent a lot of time close to nature to escape.

He introduces himself as a sovereign being coming from Gondwana land and represents himself. He has ancestral connection to the Quandamooka people and some undocumented Indigenous Australian ancestry, as well as English, Scottish, Irish, Spanish/Portuguese, Dutch/Germanic. His spiritual connections are to Wollumbin, Uluru, and the Hopi People of Turtle Island.

Having profound spiritual experiences from an early age introduced him to the world of spirit, and opened his awareness to the very real presence of the Ancestors. Stepping onto the spiritual path to explore this further has led him to realise that the experiences he had, were initiations into his role as a spiritual conduit.

Jason is strongly connected to the Star Ancestors and the Ancestors of this beautiful country, and he conduits their gifts of healing and love for humanity. Having a deep love of our animal friends, Jason also works closely with his clients’ animal spirits and can often see them clearly in the energy field. In addition, Jason also sees a person’s ancestral guides and other beings that are interacting with them, and will help move along those that are not of the light.

In late 2016 Jason began creating crystal wands that are now a sought-after tool. Kurradji crystal wands are used by clients in their own healing work, during meditation, to connect deeply with the group during Kurradji Dreaming, and to have a comforting presence at home. Created from a range of different crystals, the wands are wrapped and painted intuitively with ceremonial ochre. Some are engraved with symbols and patterns, and some include feathers. Each one has hours of loving energy poured into it, and they go out into the world with the intention of bringing love and light wherever they go.

In October 2020 Jason received his Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner attunement, to access even more healing energy for his clients.
Clients have reported that their sessions with Jason are unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. During a spiritual alignment with Jason you can expect the:
* shifting of humbug consciousness
* repairing and realigning of your DNA
* resetting of the memory field
* releasing of trans-generational trauma.

Jason offers these services:
* Spiritual alignments in person and by distance with Shelley
* Kurradji Power Activations
* Messages from Spirit Readings
* Group healings in person and by distance with Shelley
* Retreats in person and by distance with Shelley
* Kurradji Dreaming with Shelley.


Who is Shelley?

Shelley McConaghy is a high-dimensional healer who works with the natural kingdom, the angelic kingdom, the energies of our Star Ancestors, the dolphins and whales, and brings in high-dimensional energy straight from the Creator. Shelley provides a space of deeply earthed Divine Mother energy. Her training in polarity therapy, crystal healing, with many years of gathering other skills have given her an intuitive knowledge of the body. In October 2020 Shelley received her Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner attunement, to access even more healing energy for her clients. Deeply empathic and intuitive, Shelley can pick up what’s happening for her clients before they even arrive for their session, and this sense guides the direction of the session.

Shelley has walked in two worlds for most of her life. Her corporate life took place alongside her work with clients after work and on weekends. She amassed experience in executive administration, adult education, leadership and organisation development, project management, content and learning management. Her ability to bring clarity to the complex, and receive keys for healing have provided much comfort and assistance to her mentees over the years.

Shelley offers these services:
* Spiritual alignments in person and by distance with Jason
* Mentoring for taking your online business on the road
* Kurradji Dreaming with Jason
* Group healings in person and by distance with Shelley
* Retreats in person and by distance with Shelley
* Kurradji Dreaming with Shelley.


Learn more about both Shelley and Jason.


Mental Health First Aiders

Shelley and Jason first obtained their standard Mental Health First Aid certificates back in 2017 and found it an extremely beneficial addition to their work. They refresh these regularly and highly recommend the experience.





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