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You have this

You have this

It’s a hair-raising time energetically speaking. If you’re sensitive — and of course you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this — then you’re quite possibly up to your eyeballs in the energetic process of clearing out the old, to make way for the new.

Which is exactly what’s going on in the collective.

So much of the way our society operates does. not. work. for. us.

We all know that there is a daily program of scheduled drama that gets rolled out. It’s our choice whether we subscribe to it and give it our energy though.

Easier said than done. For example, the drama of the day where I am, is that it’s very hot, dry, windy, and it hasn’t rained properly in around 6 months. 20 schools are closed today. The fire danger is reported as catastrophic.

There’s an undercurrent of nervousness that I can feel in my body and it’s hard to concentrate on the website I’m supposed to be building.

So I drew some cards

And it centred me, and the guidance was PERFECT.

The link here will take you to the audio I recorded where I’m sharing my thoughts, and also the interpretation of the beautiful cards from Alana Fairchild’s card pack “Earth Warriors Oracle”.

Two oracle cards pulled for our audience todayEnjoy, and hang in there.

You have this. We have this.


Shelley McConaghy

High-dimensional healer


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