Vibrating your value in 2022

Are you planning on treating yourself better in 2022?

Do you wish people in your life would do the same—finally seeing the value you bring to the world?

It all starts with us.

I find this quote to be quite meaningful for many reasons:


“Once you realise how beautiful you are, you will find it hard to keep the company of those who do not.”


It would be easy to assume that once you have the self-worth gig down pat, everyone else will see that too, and you will be able to simply move away from those who do not share your opinion of yourself. However there are a couple of reasons why this may not be a good long-term strategy.

We teach others how to treat us

Human relationships are the best ground for growth and transformation. To sit on a mountaintop and ponder all the theories and concepts but never practice interactions with humans is to miss the greatest opportunity for growth.

One could say that we need to have all our ducks in a row before we embark on any relationships, because what if we aren’t so good at knowing our worth, and we inadvertently teach this newcomer to our life that they can treat us badly because we currently have a low opinion of ourselves? If we approached life like this, we wouldn’t move forward with anything. We’d be trying to perfect something before having a go and that only leads to misery.

Do we have to end all the relationships in our life each time we upgrade our own thinking? It depends. If it’s a relationship with very unhealthy dynamics then of course you always have to look after yourself and ensure your own safety—physical, emotional, and mental. Sometimes this happens automatically though, as we move through life, starting new friendships, new jobs, and letting the old ones fade away to memory.

If it’s a relationship where you feel you can be open and honest about the fact that you’re doing some self-development work, that gives them the opportunity to understand where you’re at, then that’s amazing!

Taking space can provide the space to gain the perspective you need, for the ways in which you are changing and growing to be solidified before you re-emerge. It’s healthy to retreat, reflect, and re-emerge from time to time in life.

Ultimately though, the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one. You are the one you spend 24 hours a day with, and if you’re not valuing yourself and treating yourself with respect and love, then no one else will.

Energy talks

What’s happening in our inner landscape is always reflected in some way, in the world around us.
Not truly valuing ourselves, our contributions, and respecting ourselves is a sure way to attract that from others.

It’s our job to energetically let people know the value we bring to the world. This is why we say that ‘energy talks’, because we don’t have to say a word—people know how to treat us as soon as they meet us. If you were to reflect upon different times in your life, you’d come up with examples.

There would be memories of feeling super confident because you knew what you were doing, and felt fully competent. Speaking to someone in the street about what you do, they would instantly know that you brought high value to your role, and would be an ideal person to talk to about your area of expertise.

There would also be memories of the times where you were either new to a role, or had been through a particularly challenging time, and if you had bumped into the same person as in the example above, they would have a completely different perception of you. Why? Because you FELT different. You may be able to bluff people with all the right words, and what you’re wearing, and all the things, but your energy would be out of alignment with the perception you were trying to create. Your vibration wouldn’t have been as high, and that also is felt by people.

When we are feeling peaceful and loving in our heart, we see so much more of this reflected around us. When we’re self-critical and judgmental of ourselves, we often behave this way towards others—consciously or unconsciously. The vibrational ripples of this kind of emotion are unpleasant to house, and to be the recipient of.

Because we are not an isolated organism, what we put out into the world always comes back to us. Like a pebble dropped into a pool of water. The ripples head out in all directions, and eventually you see those little ripples heading back to you from where they have bounced off the edges.

There is nowhere for your emissions to go, than around and around you. (Unless you’re quite skilled in sending them off-planet, or otherwise transmuting them).

This is where being more conscious of everything we’re feeling and emitting at any given time is so important.

What if I fall back?

You’ve been working at changing your thought patterns, and ensuring that you’re supporting yourself with healthy boundaries and patterning, and it’s being reflected in your outer world. People are responding to you by speaking to you respectfully, they clearly understand the value you bring to the world, and life is grooving along.

Then a little grain of something inside emerges. It feels like old stuff that belonged in your life before you had this amazing self-worth!

What to do?

Cycle through what worked for you before. Focus on the amazing being that you are, the growth that you have achieved, the skills you bring to the world. Sometimes it can be helpful to remind yourself of where you were at before you started this process of self-development. Most importantly. DON’T GIVE UP.

There are so many things that could be happening. It could absolutely be old wounds that finally have the space to be given the care they need to be transmuted and transformed. To have their ‘air time’ and respect they deserve.

It could also be the wounding of someone in your life who sees you growing, is envious of this, and wants this peace for themselves. You will feel this energetically, as we talked about before—we cannot not feel it when someone is sending those vibes out.

And thirdly, it could simply be the way of the human. When we seek peace, we have to excavate everything that is not peace. When we seek balance, we need to work on all the areas where we are out of balance. And on it goes.

Will that grain agitate and irritate, and if it does, will it derail all your efforts at self-love? Or will you embrace the opportunity to pour even more love into your self and welcome the constant process of transformation?

Choosing to walk this path of self-development, or self-realisation is challenging, and yet has the most profound rewards. Our soul brought us here for this.

When we gain more and more mastery of ourselves and our life, we become more refined instruments for helping everyone around us.

Be and allow

What if, once we realise our own worth and value, we automatically transform the relationships around us, by BEING and behaving in a way that instantly informs people of our worth and value.

We not only start to transform the dynamics of our relationships, but we vibrate in a way that only ALLOWS that which is in harmony with our love of self to actually enter our orbit.

To say that once you know your worth, your life will magically transform, and no one will ever question your value or your contribution again is to grossly over-simplify the energetics at play, and the dynamic nature of human life.

It’s now or never

For too long, we have gone around as a species, completely unaware of the energetic impact we’re having on each other, on the natural world, and Mother Earth herself.

It’s time to return to the known ways—where everyone took responsibility for their actions, their thoughts, their words, because they understood the impact on the community.

For 2022, I wish you self-knowledge, self-actualisation, and a lot of love.

Shelley McConaghy
High-dimensional healer

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