The rainbow within

The rainbow within

Each culture around the world has important wisdom teachings that centre around the rainbow. Growing up in Australia, I remember hearing about the Rainbow Serpent who represents a revered part of Aboriginal Australian culture—a sacred Creator being. My young imagination would run wild with beautiful imagery, and rainbow adventures in a time long ago. Back then it didn’t occur to me that the energy encapsulated in the dreaming of the Rainbow Serpent is still very present and alive in each one of us today.

The energy I’m referring to is creation energy from which we’re all birthed. We all come from a universal storehouse of consciousness, and there is a bridge that connects each of us with it—no matter how disconnected we can feel at times. It’s like a connecting thread, that links our physical body to Mother Earth, and extends all the way to the heart of the Creator. It also connects each of us by acting like a bridge between our energy fields to help us communicate on levels way beyond what we see with our eyes.

Rainbow light

When we look at the images created by Kirlian photography, we can see the energy that’s invisible to the naked eye, because it’s interpreting the ‘light’ being emitted. Our energy field is made up of spinning energy centres (chakras) that are represented by different colours contained in the rainbow, because of the speed at which they spin.

I feel like there is such magic in the rainbow because I have never met anyone who wasn’t positively affected by the beauty of a rainbow appearing in the sky. It’s not only that the colour combination is pretty and uplifting. There’s something taking place energetically when we see the colours together. Could it be a sense of belonging to the source of that rainbow light that stretches into the sky from some far off part of the planet?

Watch it grow

How can we use this energy in our daily lives?

Plant it.

Rainbow earthed

Imagine that you can pull this rainbow energy into your body from Divine Creator Source, and fill yourself up with its vibrancy. When you feel that you’ve filled yourself up, send it deep into Mother Earth as though you’re planting seeds of light. This strengthens your connection, which helps with feeling at home here.

To be connected so richly to our beautiful planet is the greatest gift you can give both yourself and Mother Earth.

You are here for a reason at this time, and the planet needs you as much as you need her. By deeply feeling this connection with her, and the connection you have to the ‘all that is’, you are well on the way to managing your energy effectively and ensuring a stable foundation to live from.

Shelley McConaghy
Energy Medicine Educator, Medicine Woman, Lightworker

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