The quest for deep peace

The quest for deep peace

A fishy communion

I remember the feeling of deep peace that occurred when I was snorkeling at the beach years ago. It was early in the morning with gentle light from the sun. There were a few small fish around, just doing their thing. Not in any hurry. I felt my heart rate drop so low that I barely even felt the need to breathe anymore. I don’t think I’d ever dropped so deeply into a relaxed state before. Incredible.

I didn’t want it to end, but I had to go to work.

So it became a regular part of my week, my swims with the same little fish visiting up close to my snorkel mask. Swim after swim.

The feeling of communion grew over time with these little beings. Until all I had to do was think of snorkeling at that beach, and I would relax. I could feel my heart rate lower and my breathing become deeper and slower.

The healing energy that flooded all aspects of my being was undeniable. I felt calmer overall, like it had created a wellspring of calmness as my baseline.

Bring it to you

We can’t all get to the beach for a snorkel, nor do we all enjoy the ocean. So how can we access these kinds of healing energies without having a physical connection to the ocean? Create your own connection with nature, in whatever way resonates.

If you can’t get out in nature physically, then try this.

Sit down comfortably, close your eyes, and imagine you’re there. Somewhere in nature that lights you up. It can be a beautiful forest, lake, stream, the snow, a mountaintop, a cave, or with a gentle animal that you love. The animal doesn’t have to be one that lives in the physical right now, it could be a unicorn.

Your mind is very powerful. Your imaginings create the same physical responses as being there in that place, or with that animal friend.

Therefore enjoy every moment of communion and peace in this place you’ve envisaged. Immerse yourself in deep listening to what nature has to offer.

Feel your breathing slow, and your heart rate respond in kind.

When you feel you’ve had enough time communing with nature in this way, gently bring your awareness back into your body, and feel yourself fully supported by the floor or the ground. Ensure you are completely present before attempting to drive a car or operate machinery.

The daily effect

Do this often enough and it creates a resilience that will surprise you.

After a while you may have the same feeling I did, of instant peace by thinking of the beach where I communed with the fish.

Communing with the fish

We live on a beautiful planet with the most incredible wisdom to share if we just take the time to honour her by listening.

Shelley McConaghy
High-dimensional healer

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