Shining too bright

Shining too bright?

Shining too bright?

Do you ever feel like you should turn down your light?

I know I have many times. Particularly in work situations. Shining brightly seems to push so many buttons, it’s like a magical ‘trigger’ beam.

If others around you are are feeling insecure about their place in the organisation, or their skillset, you can be sure that shining brightly, will shine a spotlight on this.

The reactions are often directed at the shiny person, when in fact it’s an invitation to reflect upon the insecurities and ask oneself:

  • Why is someone doing well in the world, and shining brightly making me feel less-than?
  • Why is someone doing well in the world, and shining brightly making me feel less-than?
  • What’s going on underneath that?
  • What are the beliefs—some of which may be completely outdated and no longer relevant?
  • If the shiny person was less shiny, would that make me feel better about myself? Why?
  • Is that the way I want to go through life?

That last question can be quite revealing, because often the answer is no.


Should you shine less?

Because shining your light out there into the world can cause others discomfort, should you turn it down? NO!!!


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Each time you’re shining your bright light out there, by living your passion, being excited about your life, and working towards what makes you happy and content, you’re actually inspiring others to do the same, and creating opportunities for healing and growth.

It’s in invitation for us to become more sturdy in our energy field. To become more centred, and more able to cope with others’ projecting their own insecurities onto us.

There are so many ways we can do this.

Some of them are explored in other blog posts at the Divine Balance blog, or check out learning opportunities on the Workshops tab.

Shine on soul family!


Shelley McConaghy
Divine Balance

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