Spiritual alignment with Shelley and Jason



Sessions from 3 to 19 November are in Charmhaven on the Central Coast of NSW.

Sessions from 25 to 30 November are in Dubbo in Western NSW.

Sessions on 4 December are in Newcastle NSW.

Sessions on 7 and 14 December are in Mona Vale on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Sessions from 22 December to 11 January will be in the lower Blue Mountains.

Sessions on 20 January are in Newcastle NSW.

Why two practitioners?

Two practitioners working simultaneously as a duo provides you the opportunity to address more than what’s possible during a single‑practitioner healing. Every spiritual alignment session is a seamless weaving of the energies of both practitioners, and the benefits you receive during your session will be far-reaching, and exceed your expectations.

Jason and Shelley are being intuitively guided throughout, including during the placement of crystals on your body as the session begins. At times you will feel Shelley’s gentle touch as a soothing hold of the head, or a rocking sensation, or a gentle rotation of the joints. Jason normally works off-body with crystal wands, but will apply pressure to various trigger points to move energy along as necessary. Whether you want to focus on the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, they will be able to address this during your energy balancing bliss.

Medicine Man and Medicine Woman

Shelley and Jason working together is a powerful and magical combination of the energies of a Medicine Man and Woman.


Shelley works with the natural kingdom, the angelic kingdom, the energies of our star ancestors, the dolphins and whales, the galactic sun, and brings in high-dimensional energy straight from the creator. Shelley provides a space of deeply earthed Divine Mother energy.

Jason is strongly connected to the star ancestors and the ancestors of this beautiful country, and he conduits their medicine and love for humanity.

Jason is a Kurradji (Aboriginal Medicine Man) who works with crystals, and brings forth not only his own powerful healing energy, but he also works with medicine people in the spiritual hierarchy who are 100% aligned with the light.

Jason’s specialty lies in:
– shifting humbug consciousness
– repairing and realigning DNA
– resetting the memory field
– releasing trans-generational trauma.


For instructions on how to book your appointment, please see the below attachment:

How to book an appointment

Tania’s reflections

“Shelley and Jason are a power duo of our community. I met them both when preparing for a charity event for Lifeline Northern Beaches, for which they generously donated their time. They are amazing at networking and supporting our community and have their fingers on the pulse when advising of alternative relaxation techniques for myself—they are very generous with their referrals and supporting other local businesses—this level of integrity is important to me and Divine Balance meet my expectations on many levels.


I visited them for a crystal healing where Shelley and Jason both worked on me. Having two people working with me at the one time is something I thought would be less calming than a 1:1 session—I was wrong. They both work so well in unison that it was like they had synchronised and choreographed a dance perfectly around me, it was so quiet and peaceful. During the session, I was able to relax and breathe and become mindful of my own breath—something I had long forgotten about and lost. To have found such a balanced amount of calm and peace within the first 20 minutes is astounding, I am by no means a relaxed person who is practised at meditation, so this space of peace was new to me, I am ever so grateful that I have found them, truly. The couples honesty on many levels is so comforting – I think open or closed/undecided minded people alike would find this experience very rewarding.”



We value your time, and are honoured to step into a sacred healing space with you. Our pricing reflects the 100% commitment we have to helping you achieve balance and a renewed sense of wellbeing out of every session.

Please allow 1.5 hours for your appointment.


Payment methods

We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and bank transfers. Please note that PayPal and all credit card fees which we process using Square, attract the merchant fee. EFT transactions do not incur a fee.

If you’re paying by PayPal or bank transfer, we appreciate payment by 4.30pm on the day of your appointment to keep our bookkeeper happy. Just ask for the details when you book your appointment.


Cancellation policy

To avoid cancellation charges, we request a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellation. If you’re cancelling a weekend appointment, please inform us by 11.00am on the Friday beforehand. This allows time to offer your appointment to a client on the waiting list.

A 100% cancellation fee may be charged if you do not show up for your appointment. This is done in fairness both to clients who would otherwise have wanted the appointment and to the therapist, who is not paid if they do not perform the session. As a courtesy to everyone, we thank you for being prompt. Late arrivals can only be extended to the time remaining in the scheduled session.


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