Satin spar Kurradji crystal tower


Satin spar Kurradji crystal tower

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Hand made by a Kurradji—Indigenous Australian Spiritual conduit, Jason Engelbrecht

This Kurradji crystal tower was hand made by wrapping the crystal with twine, and painting it with ochre. Each one has its own unique design.

It’s the perfect shape for placing upright on a steady surface, and placing an LED light underneath.

Blessed by an Indigenous Australian spiritual conduit to help bring more love and light to the bearer. It’s a quick and clear conductor of energy, and is a favourite amongst healers and meditators.



•  Weight 344.5 grams
•  Maximum measurement including painted surface(s): 10.9cm x 5.8cm x 5.6cm


Using your crystal

•  Place in a room where you spend a lot of time, for example your working space
•  Hold in your hand during a crystal healing and direct it to the body to remove energy blocks.
•  Meditate with it to deepen your connection to your spirit or the earth.


Care instructions

Please be gentle with your crystal tower and handle it with care, avoiding immersion in water for two reasons. The crystal itself can dissolve in water, and particles of the binding could also loosen and dissolve.



You can cleanse your tower in a number of ways—either place on dry salt, smoke with sage or eucalyptus leaves, or place in the sunshine or under the light of the moon. Any method is fine, as long it doesn’t get wet.


About satin spar crystal

Commonly known as selenite, satin spar is of the gypsum family and is known as the lucky stone, bringing good luck to the bearer.

It is said that satin spar:

  • Supports when life seems to be too hectic
  • Boosts personal growth during times of stagnation
  • Has been used in rain-making ceremonies.

When looking at how satin spar helps us on the physical level, we’re looking at the underlying energetic imbalances or dis-ease. From this perspective, satin spar has been associated with aiding fertility and strengthening bones.

Note: The above is not considered to be medical advice. Please see our Medical Disclaimer for further information.


About Jason

Jason introduces himself as someone who comes from the stars. He lives and sees clients with his partner Shelley, on the east coast of Australia. Appointments are available in-person and online for individuals and groups. A spiritual alignment can assist on many levels by:

•  Shifting humbug consciousness
•  Releasing trans-generational trauma
•  Repairing and realigning DNA.

Viewed as a traditional shaman, Jason hasn’t been trained, he has been psychically initiated into his role. With mixed genealogy, his name means healer, and Engelbrecht means bright angel.


Reference only: # SST11

Weight 0.3445 kg
Dimensions 10.9 × 5.8 × 5.6 cm


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