Rainbow fluorite Kurradji crystal wand


Rainbow fluorite Kurradji crystal wand

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Hand made by a Kurradji—Indigenous Australian Spiritual conduit, Jason Engelbrecht

This Kurradji crystal wand was hand made by wrapping the crystal with twine, and painting it with ochre. Each one has its own unique design.

Blessed by an Indigenous Australian spiritual conduit to help the bearer overcome chaos, and return to calmness.


Wand dimensions

•  Weight 89 grams
•  Maximum measurement including painted surface(s): 9.7cm x 3.3cm x 3.cm


Using your wand

•  Place in a room where you spend a lot of time, for example your working space
•  Hold in your hand during a crystal healing and direct it to the body to remove energy blocks.
•  Meditate with the wand to deepen your connection to your spirit or the earth.


Care instructions

Please be gentle with your crystal wand and handle it with care, avoiding immersion in water as particles of the binding will loosen and dissolve.



You can cleanse your wand in a number of ways—either place on dry salt, smoke with sage or eucalyptus leaves, or place in the sunshine or under the light of the moon. Any method is fine, as long it doesn’t get wet.


About Rainbow fluorite crystal

Quick points:

  • Cleans and stabilises aura
  • Powerful healer
  • Protects against computer and electromagnetic stress
  • Draws negative energies and stress from around you
  • Helps to overcome chaos and brings calmness
  • Helps you to learn and increase concentration.

Because of the large range of colours, it has multiple talents. The green colour has a strong focus on the devic realm, aura cleansing, and promoting purity in general. The purple has a focus on blueprinting the cellular structure, particularly the skeletal system, to pre-pollution mapping. (Modern day living has bought about pollutants such as heavy metals which corrupt the human cellular structure, giving rise to issues such as cancers, osteoporosis and so on). This purple portion then accelerates the cellular mitosis process, enabling the new cells being generated to follow the correct blueprint. Yellow/gold colours promote joy, happiness, wellbeing, and gives an all around boost in personal energy. Clear portions brings focus and clarity to both emotional and the mental senses.

Rainbow Fluorite is a fantastic meditation tool. Gaze upon it, breathing the many healing colours into the physical body. Carry it around with you to help keep mentally calm and collected. The multi-colours also make Rainbow Fluorite perfect for chakra therapy.

Supportive for the energy field– good for teeth, cells, bones, repairs DNA, relieves pain, shingles and nerve-related pain.

Description courtesy of www.crystal-information.com

Note: The above is not considered to be medical advice. Please see our Medical Disclaimer for further information.


About Jason

Jason introduces himself as someone who comes from the stars. He lives and sees clients with his partner Shelley, on the east coast of Australia. Appointments are available in-person and online for individuals and groups. A spiritual alignment can assist on many levels by:

•  Shifting humbug consciousness
•  Releasing trans-generational trauma
•  Repairing and realigning DNA.

Viewed as a traditional shaman, Jason hasn’t been trained, he has been psychically initiated into his role. With mixed genealogy, his name means healer, and Engelbrecht means bright angel.


Reference only: wand # RF3

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Dimensions 9.7 × 3.3 × 3.3 cm


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