Messages from Spirit Reading


A description of the messages coming through to Jason from your photograph or illustration—often providing a tangible connection to your ancestors and the landscape.


If you would like an energetic clearing too, you can book a distance spiritual alignment packaged with this reading.

Messages from Spirit Reading – UNAVAILABLE AT PRESENT


A world of messages from spirit await delivery

** Please note that due to demand, the fulfilment of this product could take up to 4 weeks **

Jason Engelbrecht is a spiritual conduit referred to by Spirit as Kurradji. One of his gifts is having the seer’s eye. Jason can see messages from Spirit in many forms in photographs, illustrations, people’s energy field, and the landscape.

As the conduit, he has no control over what imagery shows itself. It could take the form of:

>>  Animals
>>  Guides
>>  Ancestors
>>  Star ancestors
>>  Early civilisations
>>  Totems
>>  Symbols and codes.

It’s a special gift for the recipient. Loved-ones who have passed on can appear to Jason, and once this happens, sometimes our client can see them too—as though the image has been activated. This doesn’t always happen, but it’s a very happy by-product of the energetic interaction that Jason has with the image.


How Jason works

He prefers to work with a photograph. The time it takes for the spirit images to emerge varies. Once they do, it stays there and Jason can sketch or describe what he sees.

The reason it can take some time for the emergence, is because they choose when they are ready to appear, and Jason approaches this work with reverence.

Historical photographs are particularly interesting like a window through time, but even modern photographs can show people and animals from different timelines. Sometimes extinct animals show themselves. The people appear in traditional garments of that era, engaged in the activities and ceremonies of the day, often carrying their tools and equipment.

So the amount of time it takes for Jason to prepare the reading can be a few minutes, or it can take a few hours.


Does this service include a healing or clearing in the price?

No, Jason already spends up to a couple of hours on this service alone. If you decide that what’s hanging around needs clearing, you will need to book a healing in addition. Please see step four below for more information.


What’s the process?

1.  Once you purchase your Messages from spirit reading, please book your Zoom/phone call with at least 2 weeks lead time.

2.  Email us the photo/illustration (or upload to Google Drive) that you would like Jason to see into

3.  At the time of your appointment, Jason will explain what he has seen in the image

4. Should you decide a healing is required, here are your options:


For personal readings

If you’re sending in a photograph of yourself for a reading, Jason prefers that you book a reading and clearing bundle, because sometimes people can be unwittingly carrying around lower vibrational energies. It’s best to clear these as soon as possible to avoid humbug developing further.


What kind of photograph do I send?

Preferably a photograph of a person in plain coloured clothing with a fairly plain background. It acts like a canvas where so much imagery presents itself to Jason. Try to include your whole head – don’t have the top of your head cropped out.
There’s an example photograph on the top of the page here of Shelley McConaghy photographed in a plain top – no distracting patterns – in front of a plain backdrop.

Of course you may not have a choice if selecting an older photograph or illustration of loved ones who have passed. Just choose the highest resolution image you can, and Jason will work with it.


Is this like fortune-telling?

No, this is not like a ‘reading’ that you would receive with a tarot card reader, medium, or psychic.

What Jason provides with this service is the visual description of what and or who is appearing in the image.


Conditions of attending your appointment

We cannot treat clients who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you are currently suffering a serious mental health condition, we would prefer that you seek the assistance of a trained mental health professional who can guide you at this sensitive time.

Should you be feeling suicidal, please contact one of these support services – these are Australian-based, please seek numbers for the country you’re in:
Lifeline 13 11 14 (ph) or 0477 131 114 (SMS)
Suicide callback service 1300 659 467
Beyond Blue 1300 224 636


About Jason

Jason Engelbrecht is referred to by spirit as Kurradji. He is a Spiritual conduit of mixed genealogy. Growing up as an Indigenous man in Australia he was exposed to racism and bullying, and spent a lot of time close to nature to escape.

He introduces himself as a sovereign being coming from Gondwana land and represents himself. He has ancestral connection to the Quandamooka people and some undocumented Indigenous Australian ancestry, as well as English, Scottish, Irish, Spanish/Portuguese, Dutch/Germanic. His spiritual connections are to Wollumbin, Uluru, and the Hopi People of Turtle Island.

Having profound spiritual experiences from an early age introduced him to the world of spirit, and opened his awareness to the very real presence of the Ancestors. Stepping onto the spiritual path to explore this further has led him to realise that the experiences he had, were initiations into his role as a spiritual conduit.

Jason is strongly connected to the Star Ancestors and the Ancestors of this beautiful country, and he conduits their gifts of healing and love for humanity. Having a deep love of our animal friends, Jason also works closely with his clients’ animal spirits and can often see them clearly in the energy field. In addition, Jason also sees a person’s ancestral guides and other beings that are interacting with them, and will help move along those that are not of the light.

In late 2016 Jason began creating crystal wands that are now a sought-after tool. Kurradji crystal wands are used by clients in their own healing work, during meditation, to connect deeply with the group during Kurradji Dreaming, and to have a comforting presence at home. Created from a range of different crystals, the wands are wrapped and painted intuitively with ceremonial ochre. Some are engraved with symbols and patterns, and some include feathers. Each one has hours of loving energy poured into it, and they go out into the world with the intention of bringing love and light wherever they go.

In October 2020 Jason received his Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner attunement, to access even more healing energy for his clients.
Clients have reported that their sessions with Jason are unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. During a spiritual alignment with Jason you can expect the:
* shifting of humbug consciousness
* repairing and realigning of your DNA
* resetting of the memory field
* releasing of trans-generational trauma.

Jason offers these services:
* Spiritual alignments in person and by distance with Shelley
* Kurradji Power Activations
* Messages from Spirit Readings
* Group healings in person and by distance with Shelley
* Retreats in person and by distance with Shelley
* Kurradji Dreaming with Shelley.


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