Mala prayer beads: Amethyst


Amethyst Mala prayer beads

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Hand made in Australia

These gorgeous Malas are handmade and created with the intention of bringing unconditional love to the bearer. Each Mala has 108 beads and one Guru or God bead with a cotton tassel.

Also known as meditation beads, Mala beads are traditionally used while reciting Mantra, to count the number of repetitions. 108 repetitions is the traditional number, although one can do half a mala, or sets of 12 – it’s up to the individual. Mala beads can be used during mantra or meditation, or worn everyday.

Malas take on the energy of the prayer or mantra, and the more a person uses them with a particular mantra, the quicker it helps them set that strong intention. Sometimes people have several Malas – and when they move on to a new intention, they will purchase a new Mala for this purpose.

8mm round polished crystals are interspersed with rudraksha seeds—a traditionally-used bead in Mala beads. Each knot of the cotton string has been hand-tied while reciting the ‘Om Shreem’ mantra.

The Om Shreem mantra is translated as abundance for life.

Using your Mala

Hold in the hand while cradling the weight of it with your other hand, or laying it in your lap/on your leg.

As you recite, pull each bead toward you with your thumb. When you return to the Guru bead, turn around and head back the other way if doing more than one set. Don’t go over the Guru bead – use it as a turning point.

Caring for your Mala

Please be gentle with your Mala. You can keep it in the pouch provided, or make one that suits out of natural fibres preferably – silk is ideal as it contains the energy of your Mala.


You can cleanse your Mala in a number of ways—either place on dry salt, smoke with sage or eucalyptus leaves, or place in the sunshine for no more than an hour, or under the light of the moon. Any method is fine, as long it doesn’t get wet.

About the crystals in your Mala

  • Stimulates the throat and crown chakras
  • Healing, cleansing, and enhances spiritual awareness
  • Aids in transmuting negative energy into love
  • Enhances higher states of consciousness
Chrysanthemum stone (Fossil jasper)
  • Radiates harmony, emitting a calm, confident energy encouraging you to slow down and enjoy the moment
  • Promotes trust in yourself and the ability to embrace the light within
  • Balance yin-yang energy
Picture jasper
  • Supreme nurturer
  • Protection and grounding
  • Courage and honesty
  • Connected to earth chakra
  • Brings comfort and alleviates fear
  • Health and vitality
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Enhances intuition and makes dreams come true
  • Vibrancy within the sacral chakra
  • Healing stone that resonates with all chakras
  • Calming, soothing, and aids stress and anxiety
  • Spiritual connection


Please note that the image of the Mala with the explanation sheet and pouch is indicative of what’s included. It isn’t necessarily the Mala you’re purchasing.

Reference only: Mala # MB202

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