Kurradji power activation and Feathered Ancestor wand bundle


For those who are ready to accept more power into their lives, this package provides you with the energetic transmission of a Kurradji power activation, and an exclusive Feathered Ancestor Kurradji crystal wand**.


An activation by a spiritual conduit at the right time, is the perfect way to say to the universe “I am ready for more.”


**OVERSEAS clients: unfortunately the international shipping guidelines brought in with Convid-19 prevent us from mailing/couriering these wands overseas.

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Kurradji power activation and Feathered Ancestor wand bundle


Are you seeking to activate more of the potent power of your soul?


Choosing yes to this incredibly powerful Kurradji power activation and Feathered Ancestor wand bundle by spiritual conduit, Jason Engelbrecht, says to the universe “I am ready for more.”


What is included in this power-packed bundle?

This represents $550 in value—a priceless opportunity for those who value their personal growth and want to honour their spiritual connection. It includes:

1. A one-of-a-kind satin spar Feathered Ancestor Kurradji crystal wand carrying the energy and resemblance of a traditional Medicine Man (worth $375).

2. A 15-minute Zoom call for Jason to explain how you can use your wand (worth $60)

3. A 45-minute Kurradji power activation with Jason to call more of your soul’s potency into your life (worth $115)


Please note: Postage is an additional cost and can be up towards $35 to $40 depending on your location. Due to international shipping constraints, we can only send these wands within Australia.


“I am ready for more!”

For spiritual seekers ready to unlock more of their soul’s power and inject it into transforming a passion area of their life…


What’s involved in the activation?

This 45-minute energetic activation process with Jason, gives you time to discuss your unique situation, and the area of your life you’d like activated. Conducted by Zoom or phone, these are a powerful calling to more of your soul’s potency into your life.

Once you’ve discussed your situation, Jason will get you to sit or lie down comfortably in your space while he conducts the activation itself. This will involve sound healing techniques, guided visualisation, and Jason’s signature activation process.

Expect the unexpected. You’ll want your journal handy to write down your experience afterwards. Try not to plan anything too arduous for the remainder of the day so you can continue to immerse yourself in the energy.

Does this service include a healing?

No, this offering is an energetic activation.

Please however be aware that these activations are powerful, and can bring things to the surface for healing—as is the nature of spiritual development and growth.

To fully support yourself, you may wish to precede your Kurradji Power Activation with a healing, and even book another healing to follow up. Jason and Shelley can facilitate this with either a Distance spiritual alignment or a Ground and connect session. There is also the option to see them in the healing room (one of many across NSW) for a Spiritual alignment.

When you book this Kurradji power activation, you will unlock a discount code that will be emailed to the email address you use with us. This will give you $5 off the price of either a distance healing, ground and connection or spiritual alignment in the healing room.


How do I book?

Once we receive your order, we will email you to arrange a time. Please look out for emails from either or and perhaps ‘whitelist’ them in your email system to ensure they come through okay.

Stocks of certain feathered wands are limited, so please specify your preferences when we email you at the time of purchase and we will do our best to accommodate.


It’s no accident that you’re here. If you’re on this page, and you’ve got this far—chances are your soul is ready!

I really want this but I’m cash-strapped!

We offer payment plans, just pay the 30% deposit at the checkout and you’ll have three months to pay the balance. It will delay the sending of your wand, but we can get you started energetically.


Why work with Jason?

The healing sessions he provides, which he refers to as a spiritual alignment, are sometimes the catalyst for clients to affect great change in their life. They often comment afterwards that it was that session that facilitated a springboard effect into what their heart desired the most.

Jason Engelbrecht is a spiritual conduit of mixed genealogy living in New South Wales Australia. Referred to as Kurradji by Spirit, he works with vast numbers of revered Medicine People in the spiritual hierachy, the true custodians, and other inter-dimensional beings who are supporting humanity as Earth moves into a new consciousness.

Working with his partner Shelley, Jason uses many tools in his work with clients, but what comes through him is the real power.


More about Jason Engelbrecht

Internationally best-selling author Jason introduces himself as someone who comes from the stars. Jason’s work is multi-faceted. As a conduit, he can see into people’s energy field and the landscape – seeing beyond the veils. The readings he provides are called Messages from Spirit. He creates a range of unique Kurradji crystal wands from:

>>  Clear quartz
>>  White and peach satin spar (commonly referred to as selenite)
>>  Black tourmaline
>>  Shungite
>>  Labradorite
>>  Lavakite
>>  Moukaite
>>  Smoky quartz and more.

Jason and Shelley conduct spiritual alignments for adults, kids, family groups and communities, and they facilitate Kurradi Dreaming groups on a regular basis. Gifted with the seer’s eye, Jason also provides Messages from Spirit readings and healings to provide clients with an understanding of what he sees in their energy field, or the landscape.

A spiritual alignment can assist on many levels by:

>>  Shifting humbug consciousness
>>  Releasing trans-generational trauma
>>  Repairing and realigning DNA.

Jason is viewed as a traditional shaman—he hasn’t been trained, he has been psychically initiated into his role. With mixed genealogy, his name means healer, and Engelbrecht means bright angel.

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