Kurradji Dreaming: Tue 7 Apr 2020



6.30pm to 8.30pm
Tuesday 7 April 2020


Newcastle Health Collective
19 Queen Street
Cooks Hill NSW 2300


Refunds up to 10 days before event

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Who is this event for?

Are you yearning for an experience of deep connection with your spirit and the star ancestors?

Your system will thank you for bringing you to the sanctuary of the Newcastle Health Collective where your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies will come into full alignment and be rejuvenated and recharged in a group spiritual alignment setting.

This event is designed for ages 18 and up.

Aboriginal Medicine Man Jason Engelbrecht, known as a Kurradji who has been psychically initiated by spirit, together with his partner Shelley will lead you through an experience where you will:

  • Receive your own individual experience of connection with the star ancestors
  • Sense him using various techniques to lift and shift what’s not for your highest good including sound medicine and the use of crystal wands while he conduits medicine people in the spiritual hierarchy who are 100% aligned with the light.
  • Be guided in a journey to the heart of the creator while you commune with our star ancestors and your soul family
  • Finish with a ‘car wash for the soul’.


Jason’s work is truly unique, as anyone who has received a spiritual alignment session with him will attest. The power and light that he brings through is something to behold.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity at a convenient location in town.

You will leave feeling lighter and more energised, with a deeper connection to the ground on which we walk, the ancestors who lovingly hold us each day, and the spirit residing within you.


You will receive:

  • A life changing experience of spiritual connection
  • A ticket for the chance to win a lucky door prize
  • A gift to take home.


Recent Client Experiences:

“I attended a group healing with both Shelley and Jason and it was profound 🙏 It was the golden nugget to tip the scales on a lot of what I have been healing and integrating this last 10 months from previous trying years and aspects of my childhood trauma.

I feel and see the difference and am also receiving comments from others which further validates the shift I know has taken place 💛😀

I am deeply grateful and look forward to partaking of their services again and I am whole heartedly recommending them to others 💖” Sumar Lovin


“I had the most amazing experience and emotional shifts today with Jason & Shelley! Such beautiful people with amazing gifts! Highly recommend! Xx” Jo Watt


“I attended a group healing circle with Jason and Shelley and found it a powerful, deeply transformational, healing experience. I enjoyed the balance and flow of Jason and Shelley working together and found this to be a beautiful blend and flow of earth, ancestral and celestial energies. I felt supported, nurtured and in sacred space to open to healing old stories and shifting energetic blocks. Where you are drawn to the energy of this work, I recommend Kurradji dreaming as a powerful, yet gentle healing experience to support you on your journey.” Katherine Amber Murray


Please bring:

  • Favourite crystal to meditate with if you have one
  • Notebook and pen/pencils to take notes after the experience if you like
  • A pillow and light blanket for comfort during the quiet time if you like
  • Water in a bottle with a lid.


What to wear

Wear comfortable clothing in layers so that comfort is maintained depending on the temperature in the room.


Venue notes

Newcastle Health Collective
19 Queen Street
Cooks Hill NSW 2300


Is there a minimum age requirement to enter the event?

This event has been designed for ages 18 and up.


What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Street parking is available out the front of the venue.


How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Shelley can be contacted on shelley@divinebalance.com.au or 0412 919136.


What’s the refund policy?

Refunds are available up to 10 days before the event commencement.

Workshop facilitator

Jason Engelbrecht

As an Indigenous man of mixed genealogy, Jason brings a wealth of experience to his role as a Kurradji (Aboriginal Medicine Man). Jason’s abilities have been awoken through various spiritual initiations that began when he was a child. He works with a variety of different crystals to conduit the energy to his client, with the help of medicine people in the ancestral realms. Sound medicine always features as part of his healings, and smoke is used to cleanse and purify the energy field.

Jason’s clients experience pain relief and the freedom from spiritual ‘heaviness’ that can weigh us down. The lifting of the energetic dross from stored trauma in the body is something that Jason specialises in, as it’s something that he is passionate about helping his people heal.

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