Energetically Infused Crystoil—Citrine


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Energetically Infused Crystoil containing citrine chips and Young Living® essential oils in coconut oil


Available in these essential oil blends:

  • Joy™
  • Australian Kuranya™
  • Peace & Calming®
  • Transformation™
  • White Angelica™

Energetically Infused Citrine Crystoils

Apply the uplifting scent of pure essential oils infused with citrine and the healing energy of an Aboriginal Medicine Man. Each bottle has been programmed to lift and shift what’s not for the wearer’s highest good. We can also create custom-made bottles that are programmed with your specific intention.

Energetically infused crystoils have been created in response to our clients exclaiming “I want to bottle this and take it home”—after receiving a spiritual alignment with us.

The 15ml rollerball-topped amber glass bottle enables convenient application on-the-go, making it the perfect companion wherever you are. The only difficulty you will have, is narrowing down your choice.


Citrine crystal infusion

The energising element of citrine crystal is associated with radiating the power of the sun, and the abundance that brings.

It is said that citrine:

• Is a powerful cleanser—used by crystal healers in cluster formations to cleanse other crystals
• Helps energise fruits and vegetables when soaked in water with citrine—good to do when bringing the produce home from the market
• Energetically associated with regeneration
• Enhances creativity and intuition
• Teaches one how to manifest prosperity, all that is good, and how to share it with the world
• Helps one go with the flow
• Due to its sunny disposition, is helpful at dispelling fear.

When looking at how citrine helps us on the physical level, we’re looking at the underlying energetic imbalances or dis-ease. From this perspective, citrine has been associated with helping to stimulate digestion, support the spleen and pancreas, increase blood circulation, detoxify the blood, and balance the energy of the thyroid which is governed by the throat chakra.


What our clients are saying

“Jason and Shelley are absolutely incredible and really go above and beyond. I bought three of their crystal chip infused oils about a week ago and it’s hard to describe just how much they’ve been working their magic with me!

Transformation has been helping me gather the motivation (and courage!) needed to make some much needed changes.

Peace & Calming has been my go to when I notice feelings of anxiety starting to bubble up.

White Angelica is perfect for clearing my mind, body and energy system from negativity and heaviness.

The oils smell divine, go on very easily/smoothly and are extremely affordable! Can’t wait to get some more 🌿”
Katy Smith

Please note that the information presented is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or as a substitute for the medical advice of a physician.


The essential oil blends

The five essential oil blends of our Crystoils are in a base of food-grade coconut oil, and have been selected for their positive effect on the energy field. The essential oils are produced by Young Living® who have a long history of ethically-producing their essential oils.

∞ Joy™

Inviting togetherness, Joy is an exotically feminine blend of these essential oils:
• Bergamot
• Lemon
• Palmarosa
• Ylang Ylang
• Rose
• Geranium
• Jasmine
• Roman Chamomile
• Coriander
• Tangerine.

∞  Australian Kuranya™

Drawing from its native roots, Australian Kuranya features oils extracted from many powerful plants that call Australia home. Bring the great outdoors inside your office or home with its earthy, grounding aroma.

“Kuranya,” means “Rainbow” in some Aboriginal dialects, because each oil harmonises to create something more beautiful than the sum of its parts.

Want to wake up feeling fresh or soothe your skin after a long day? Infuse Australian Kuranya into your morning or evening skin care routine, or uplift your mood anytime by diffusing for a crisp, woodsy aroma.

Australian Kuranya essential oil blend contains essential oils from powerful plants found all across Australia – from the luscious, green Tasmanian islands to vast northern deserts. The synergy of each essential oil gives it a pleasing, earthy aroma and skin-loving benefits that can help cleanse and enhance your natural radiance.

It is a mixture of these essential oils:
• Lemon Myrtle
• Kunzea
• Blue Cypress
• Sandalwood
• Fennel
• Australian Ericifolia
• Eucalyptus Radiata
• Tea Tree.

∞  Peace & Calming®

Peace & Calming is a gentle, sweet blend of essential oils. With a comforting, fresh aroma, this soothing and uplifting blend creates a relaxing environment that’s great for the entire family. Peace & Calming promotes calm focus, and can help channel mental energy into a positive outlet. It is a mixture of these essential oils:
• Tangerine
• Orange
• Ylang Ylang
• Patchouli
• Blue Tansy.

∞  Transformation™

Transformation is a blend of Rosemary and Balsam Fir essential oils that empowers you to replace negative beliefs with uplifting thoughts, changing your overall attitude, emotions and behaviour. This essential oil blend is stimulating, relaxing and uplifting, and may instigate feelings of support during times of transition.

Transformation has a spicy and citrusy aroma, and promotes love, compassion, and acceptance. It is a mixture of these essential oils:
• Lemon
• Peppermint
• Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood
• Clary Sage
• Sacred Frankincense
• Idaho Blue Spruce
• Cardamom
• Ocotea
• Palo Santo.

∞  White angelica™

White Angelica is a precious blend of pure Melissa and Bergamot essential oils, promoting feelings of protection and security when diffused, and can be used to guard against negative energy. It often features in our work for this reason.

This wonderful essential oil blend is comforting, strengthening, grounding, balancing, and stabilising. Use White Angelica to help seal and support your aura, and reserve emotional energy. It is a mixture of these essential oils:
• Bergamot
• Myrrh
• Geranium
• Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood
• Ylang Ylang
• Coriander
• Northern Lights Black Spruce
• Melissa
• Hyssop
• Rose.

Weight 0.024 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 1.6 × 1.6 cm

Joy, Kuranya, Peace & Calming, Transformation, White Angelica


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