Crystal healing care bundle


Crystal healing care bundle for supporting you through stressful events

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A bundle of crystal and sound medicine to support you

In response to the increased stress, anxiety, and depression caused by all the current events, we have put together a bundle of our favourite products, at a significantly reduced price for a limited time, and while stocks last.

Each bundle includes three special items intuitively handpicked for you:

1.  Clear quartz Kurradji Medicine wand

One of Jason Engelbrecht’s clear quartz Kurradji Medicine wands. These are hand made by wrapping the crystal with twine, and painting it with sandstone. Blessed by Jason, an Indigenous Australian Medicine Man to bring love and light wherever it goes, the programming is to remove what’s not for the bearer’s highest good. Your wand is packaged in a velvet pouch with an A5 information sheet.

Please note that the wand pictured simply indicates the type of wand included – it is not necessarily an accurate representation of the wand you will receive.

2.  Energetically Infused Crystoil

One bottle of Energetically Infused Crystoil containing crystal chips to infuse the contents with their vibrational medicine and minerals. Each 15ml rollerball-topped amber glass bottle allows for convenient on-the-go application of the essential oils in coconut oil.

We program your bottle with frequencies that support the re-balancing of dis-ease in the body. When you hold it, you will be absorbing this vibrational medicine, and applying it to the skin takes it one step forward as you inhale the beautiful scents.

Energetically Infused Crystoils have been created in response to our clients exclaiming “I want to bottle this and take it home”—after receiving a spiritual alignment with us.

3. Vibration-Lifting Frequencies on USB

The astral field is full of fear, stress, and anxiety, and it can take all our might to keep it at bay. Listening to high vibrational music is an amazing way to lift and shift your mood. Taking this one step further is listening to special frequencies that have been overlaid by the sounds of nature to clear the disharmonious patterning from our energy field.

We have put together tracks with the intention that they serve to bring peace to you, and the environment you’re in. A mixture of frequencies targetting specific physical disharmonies, as well as Ancient healing tones and those for chakra balancing.

They work by interrupting the frequency we are emitting in our disharmonious state. Reminding your body what the resonant frequency of balance sounds like, so it can get back in sync in a more aligned, harmonious and balanced way.

Your USB contains this track that you can play on your computer or smartphone to lift your vibration and become a magnet for a state of vibrancy versus energetically attracting the opposite.

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