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‘Innovation Secrets: Global Leaders Building A Better World Through Creative Business Ideas’ is an Amazon bestselling publication brought to the world at just the right time. Innovative leaders from Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and the US, have poured their wisdom into this book.

It tells the inspiring and powerful stories of thought leaders, innovators and visionaries who are creating a positive paradigm shift in business and life through creative business ideas.

Innovators see the world differently, are driven by passion and inspired to create positive global change by initiating new ways of doing things. They are thought leaders, visionaries, inventors, changemakers and futurists who introduce new ideas, thought leadership and vision to transform the world.

Creativity in business harnesses the power of imagination to challenge the status quo and inspire new ways of thinking. Creativity empowers people to find innovative solutions to problems and turn them into opportunities for growth.

There are two options for purchasing your copy.

It is available for only USD $0.99 on Amazon Kindle, with all proceeds going to charity. Or, you can prepurchase your paperback copy here.

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