Black kyanite fan


Black kyanite fan

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Our go to for anyone suffering with the effects of psychic attack.

Black Kyanite grows in natural fan shapes in sparkly charcoal. Full of healing energy, Black Kyanite is a favourite among energy healers, and is especially helpful in body layouts. It can be used on any chakra—especially the base chakra—to send healing energy to any tears or holes in the chakras and the aura. Its fan shape can help to sweep away any unwanted energies. Many crystal healers like it because it can be grounding and energising at the same time.

Black Kyanite aids in the manifestation of vision and clairvoyance. Black Kyanite is an excellent meditation tool, use it for grounding during a chakra alignment or meditation. Meditating with Black Kyanite can help one to come up with important insights resulting from exploration of the subconscious mind. Often used to explore past lives, Black Kyanite can also help one to anticipate how current actions affect future lives.

Black Kyanite can also help to open the lines of communication between people. Keeping a piece with you can help out in situations of conflict or misunderstanding.

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