Aqua aura tumbler


Aqua aura tumbler

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Aqua aura tumblers created by infusing gold to clear quartz by electric charge.

Resonates to the vibration of Archangels Chamuel and Zadkiel with a very high and intense vibration. Aligns with the heart, higher heart, and throat chakras for activation, balance, and harmony. Opens us to deeper states of love, gives a sense of connectedness to everything, an inner knowing that we are all One.

Clears the auric field of lower vibrational elements, attachments, hooks and energy drains—prevents psychic attack. Releases negativity from emotional and physical bodies. Relieves stress and depression. Calms anger, cools fever, attracts wealth and allows your inner beauty to shine.

Weight 0.055 kg
Dimensions 2 × 1.5 × 1 cm


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