Personal responsibility

Personal responsibility

Energy management 101 states that the only way to achieve healing, is to take 100% personal responsibility for our energy management choices. Woah what? Big statement heh?

But it sounds right doesn’t it? If it gives you an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach, you can bet there’s truth in it for you.

What choices am I talking about?

I’m talking about the choices relating to how you’re spending your daily supply of energy. Are you:

  • Parking your energy in the baggage compartment of the past?
  • Grateful for waking up to live another day?
  • Spending it being resentful at someone for something or other?
  • Looking forward to smiling at someone on the way to work?
  • Pining away after an ex love?
  • Grateful for the interaction with an excited puppy in the park?
  • Still hanging onto the idea of how your life was supposed to be?
  • Appreciative of the little things that your loved ones do for you, even though you may have done it differently?
  • Thankful of the opportunity to run into an old friend to express how much their friendship means to you?


Did you notice how each one of the above questions affects your energy field? Read each of them again, and pay attention to how you’re feeling. Think about how you spend your days, and your valuable energy.

Imagine that you have eyeglasses with swivelling lenses of either crisis or opportunity. In every moment we have a choice about which lens we look at situations through. Literally every situation we’re faced with can be seen differently depending on the attitude we’re holding in our heart. Every choice either costs us energy, or it replenishes it.

Here’s one. You turn up at the Sydney Opera House to see a production, only your tickets were for the week before. Luckily the show is still running, so that’s one thing in your favour, but what now? Drama, drama, drama with much throwing of hands in the air? Or waiting to see what unexpected grace befalls you?

In case you’re wondering, this actually happened to me last weekend. At first I thought “great, there goes the money we spent on tickets to Bennelong by the Bangarra dance theatre that we were REALLY looking forward to.” Suddenly two women (angels in disguise) approached one after the other, asking if we wanted their spare tickets. Talk about spoiled for choice! We gratefully accepted two tickets and hurried in. It didn’t matter at this point that they were on opposite sides of the theatre. At least we weren’t going to miss out.

It turns out that the lady Jason sat next to, is looking for ways to spend certain funding, in a sector in which Jason and I work. Whether this eventuates into any mutually beneficial opportunity is irrelevant. What matters, is that the universe put us all in contact for a reason, and it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t messed up the dates, and the women hadn’t stepped in at that exact moment to give us their tickets.

A situation that could have cost a LOT of energy, turned into an afternoon spent watching a beautiful production, creating wonderful new connections.

The choice is yours


Let me be clear. I don’t get it right every time. What I do each day, is reflect with gratitude, at how far I’ve come. The old me still makes an appearance in the rear view mirror, but I don’t let her in the front seat as much anymore.

So which lens are you going to look through today? Crisis or opportunity? Gratitude or grumpiness? New habits take time to develop. Help yourself out by setting a regular reminder that prompts you to check your attitude. Leave notes in your bathroom cabinet, on your dashboard, on your keyboard, or in the fridge.

Choose now, and then choose again when the next ‘thing’ arrives in your path, because every event in your day requires you to choose whether you’re spending or saving energy.

Talk to you soon!

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