Bronzite heart


Bronzite heart

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Bronzite is a beautiful crystal in rich coppery browns, silver, and chocolate tones. The keeper of light and strength of fight, bronzite has an unwavering frequency that powerfully repels curses, hexes, psychic attack and dark magic. It removes then releases attachments and breaks karmic bonds or contracts. This guardian stone shields against all negative energy by neutralising and transforming it. Not limited to external energies it assists in eliminating negative thought, stress, anxiety, depression and destructive behavioural patterns. It imparts a purposeful and focused resilience, instilling motivation to achieve one’s goals.

Bronzite teaches many universal lessons. It shows the secrets of sacred geometry and how to create through the cycles of life and transformation of old into new. Harnessing an immense anchor of Earth energy, bronzite is geared to take dyeing negative energy and transmute it into a creation of positive growth, nothing is wasted nor destroyed simply converted. Bronzite connects one to their ancestral magic and guardians. It helps to retrieve memory of past life’s and soul path records. It illuminates all corners of consciousness to achieve deep realisation and enlightenment – understanding is the key to creation.

Bronzite holds a vibration of both stillness and movement, this makes it an excellent manifestation tool for all varieties of wealth and abundance. A formidable ally for spellcasters, great for protection, removal/banishing and manifestation spells. It can be used to permanently remove or bind specific energies as well as install and expand positive energies. An excellent protective talisman and good luck charm.

Bronzite is an ambassador for the Fae and elemental realms acting as a bridge or type of key to connection and understanding through illumination. A powerful Earth healer with a continuous connected cycle and hugely strong grounding anchor. Activates the star chakra, excellent for cleansing of all chakras, A Shaman stone that supportively guides one through all journeys, physical and dimensional. The Shaman nature of bronzite lends itself to a great fusion of energies it combines the sun, moon and earth, all above and below. Connected to all, it pierces all layers of the veil. A wonderful aid to meditation and study as it brings peace, calmness and sacred sanctuary.

For physical healing, bronzite is very supportive for blood purification, aids trauma recovery, anxiety, PTSD and depression, and muscular/nerve issues.

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